Rigging is a specialty!  Century Steel Erectors provides the cranes,  the rigging gear, and trained crews of people who provide this service for other craft contractors.   Some examples are Electrical Contractors who need transformers, switchgear and large panels rigged into place and HVAC contractors who need to place large chillers and/or Air Conditioners into facilities or on the roofs of facilities.  Heavy Industrial Owners and contractors also require the special services of a Heavy Rigger to remove or install large equipment, furnaces, and fabrication line equipment.  Century not only performs the rigging work, but can also provide the Heavy Hauling Transportation Services in conjunction with the rigging service.  Even hospitals and MRI manufacturers require the services of Century for the planned unloading and moving into position of some newer technologies into existing facilities.  
 Industrially, heavy rigging involves extremely heavy loads, and Century maintains the equipment to provide those services as needed.  Sometimes this can involve dual, triple, or even quad crane lifts being planned and executed depending upon the logistics of the site and the loads to be moved in or out of an industrial facility. 


Erecting a pre-cast parking structure, building,  a bridge’s tee or double tee girders requires Century to work closely with the prime contractor’s foundation work and the pre-cast fabricator’s design team to make a project flow freely and quickly.  This operation falls under the revue, inspection, and certification of the PCI (Pre Cast Institute), and Century maintains a PCI Certification as a precast erector.  This work requires preplanning and coordination and requires preplanning procedures for the erection plan, safety plan,  and sequencing of materials for deliveries from the fabrication facility to the field site.   This ensures the correct pieces are available to meet the needs of the crews installing the structure. In this operation, both the foundation concrete, as well as the fabricator’s precast pieces must be tested and certified to be capable of handling the loads and stresses being applied to them.
Century provides the proper rigging for safety and carefully putting these pieces into the project without marring the concrete finishes provided by the fabricator. 


Steel Erection is one of the most potentially dangerous elements of a construction project. Century’s preplanning, phasing, documented erection plans, with weight and load analysis, welding procedure information, and project safety plan enable them to provide trained and knowledgeable field supervision and craftsmen, the right equipment and tools to start and complete the work in the shortest possible time frame.
As an AISC certified “Advanced Steel Erector”, Century has been recognized and pre-qualified to work on large complex steel erection projects, including multi-story buildings, bridges, large scale work, and work that requires complicated rigging procedures like multiple crane lifts.   The AISC has inspected and certified Century’s home office and field operations as capable of providing the most advanced steel erection contractor services that can be expected in the industry.  They have also reviewed the safety plans, training and the safety of the field operations for this dangerous work element. 


Our industrial division works mostly as a facilities maintenance contractor under the terms of the “National Maintenance Agreement”. Century has the expertise and programs for the many facets of work required to maintain, build and repair in any type of industrial facility. Our work applies to rebuilding in steel mills, power plants, chemical plants and waste water treatment plants.  It can also cover daily structural maintenance repairs required to continue production.  Our experienced management and manpower combine with a vast arsenal of tools and equipment, along with an impeccable safety record, to provide the ultimate crews for this work.

 Our project managers and highly skilled labor force also have extensive experience in the following fields:

Steel work on coke ovens, electric furnaces, continuous casters, rolling mills, tin line’s, etc.
Assembly and installation of equipment
Large conveyors
Overhead Cranes
Large motor and gear changes
Quench towers
Clarifier Repairs
Erection of silos and bunkers
Heavy rigging and lifting

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